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Chamber of Indian Startups and MSME maintained a panel of experts of the Industry to curate and provide mentorship to the Startups so that they can achieve the desired success.

What is mentor?

Getting a right startup mentor is an important step to take your Startup to the next level. As an founder, you need a mentorship from the industry experts having wide connections to provide you with a valuable resource in building a strong foundation for your Startup.

Running a business can be tough, more so, if you’re doing it alone. It takes a huge commitment and the knack for innovation to build a startup from scratch.

Finding the right support system is essential to guide budding founders to scale their startups for growth. An exceptional and innovative mentor understands your Startup goals and can advice you to reach them with tried-and-tested ideas and expertise specific to your industry.

Role of Mentor in Startups?

What do Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet have in common? Apart from being successful entrepreneurs, these were guided and supported by their business mentors at one point of time.

Mentors are trusted personalities with an vast experience in entrepreneurship, investment or industry. They guide their mentees (Startups) to realize their potential and convert their ideas into action.

Mentors share their knowledge, skills, and experience to help mentees stay grounded and focused on reaching their goals. Mentors generally provide these services Pro-Bono.

In the world of startups, having a great mentor can bring significant difference in setting your dreams into reality. Mentors regularly advise startup founders on how to understand and use their abilities to capitalize on their target markets.

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